Matthias Naeschke


Regulator series with one-month movement: 

Style outlives fashion. Interior furnishings are rarely intended to just fulfil their everyday function. Rooms that are furnished to meet personal needs and concepts reflect that person’s personality and character. This is exactly what the Naeschke one-month regulators are designed to be: character timepieces. The various models adapt to the existing furnishings, complement them and, at the same time, fulfil their roles as reliable timekeepers.“Just perfect!“ This befits the dials of the one-month precision clocks, which are coated with granulated silver. Hands hand-sawn from sheet steel, hardened and blued over a flame glide over these dials. A valuable knurled, gilded bezel constitutes the frame.The technology of the movements inspires people. Here, as in the clocks with eight-day movement, the rack strike train developed by Matthias Naeschke is used. A gong rod made of hard bronze strikes unobtrusively at every hour and half-hour.Upon request, movements without a striking mechanism can be fitted with a calendar. A disk printed with the months and days of the calendar is visible through a segment of the dial. The calendar only needs to be adjusted once every four years, in FebruaryA specially developed compensation pendulum is found in all one-month precision clocks.


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